Rainy Day Activities

Oct 28 2017

Rainy Day Activities

Its a cold rainy Saturday, and perfect for making a beaded kumihimo necklace.   This won’t be an actual tutorial, more like a show & tell.

Beads:  size 6/0 Toho Round Seed Beads, color: nebula metallic.  From www.eurekacrystalbeads.com


If this were an actual tutorial I would have consistent quality lighting and  framing 🙂  So anyway, I’m stringing 10.5″ of beads onto 8 cords.  And then I will use the kumihimo disc to braid those 8 cords of beads into a round spiral braid.  My bead surface is a bead mat with inches & centimeters marked on it.  You can see the row of strung beads growing in the pictures.  I like these bead mats because I can fold it up into a small square that fits into the plastic organizer with the beads and other supplies.  They came as a pack of 3 from beadaholique.com, I think the big box stores like Joanne’s, Michaels, etc have them as well.


Keep stringing beads until I have 10.5″ and then wind the beads onto a flexible thread bobbin.  These are the 21/2″ size, I have the smaller 1.5″ size as well but they are a bit too small for this many beads.


I am using yarn instead of beading thread.  This is some random sock yarn in a wool/nylon blend from my stash.  The last pic is all 8 of the threads with beads and wound around bobbins.  Ready for braiding.

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