10 Best Learn To Crochet Videos

Jul 22 2017

10 Best Learn To Crochet Videos

10 BEST Learn To Crochet VIDEOS

Have you wanted to learn to crochet but become overwhelmed with choices of how to learn?  I admit, I have told people “oh, just google ‘learn to crochet’ there are tons of great tutorials in written and video formats.  And it is true, there are tons, 343,000 on YouTube alone.  I’m sorry to all the people I’ve said that to recently!  And while they are all saying the same things in different ways when you’re new to crochet it doesn’t sound like they are all saying the same things.  And to add thorns to the pretty roses, we worry about doing it wrong!  You’re not doing it wrong, you’re just new.  And being new at anything is frustrating and awkward.  Unless you’re one of those people who can learn anything from watching someone else for 10 minutes.  For the other 99.9% of us, learning new things is frustrating and awkward.

First things first.


All of the learn to crochet tutorials are going to suggest a worsted weight, light colored, smooth yarn.  That is true.  In addition a light colored smooth yarn that has some give or stretch.  Hold you hands about 1 inch apart, hold a piece of the same strand in each hand and pull your hands apart, you should feel the yarn stretch a bit.  Not as elastic as a rubber band, but as elastic as your average cotton or cotton blend t-shirt.  Go ahead try it with the cotton t-shirt you’re wearing.  No need to get a ruler, the distance between the tip of your finger and your first knuckle is about 1 inch.   Worsted weight?  What does that mean?  Long story short, it designates a small range of thicknesses of yarns.  You could pick up 4 different yarns that say they are worsted weight and they will not be the exact same thickness; but they will have a similar thickness.  In order to find which ones are worsted weight, lets demystify a wee bit of the yarn label.  I will do a full post on demystifying a yarn label soon.  But for now worsted weight yarn will have a yarn weight symbol of 4.

yarn weight chart

yarn weight chart

You will find some discrepancies in yarn weight symbols, but those discrepancies are not important when you are just learning to crochet.

The next thing you will need is a crochet hook.  The most important part is size.  If your yarn weight symbol is 4; your hook size should be H-5.0 mm or I-5.5 mm.

Now that you have yarn and hook you need good lighting, a comfortable seat and your relaxing beverage of choice.  Its only yarn and learning takes time and patience.  All ten of these videos are equally great!  They are all covering the basic information and demonstrating the basic stitches that are the foundation for learning to crochet.  Comments, questions and sharing your first crochet square are welcomed.  Enjoy!



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